• Market Segment: Oil Distributor
  • Solution implemented: ezIPBX – Traffic and IP PBX with LCR (Least Cost Routing) for all branches, custom dashboards and integration with the ERP.

The solution implemented at FIC is composed of 12 RedBox ezIPBX appliances, distributed in 11 different locations throughout the country. At the central site, the solutions is implemented in High Availability environment using two separated appliances. The ezIPBX system is responsible for 100% of the company’s telecommunications operations, including from sales and management services to mission-critical communications operations.

At the second stage of the project, we developed many customizations as: Unified Dashboard for real-time monitoring (web 2.0 interface), Spy and Whisper mode for monitoring and evaluating the quality of case. To provide great control to the business areas, we developed a custom API for integration with an SAP ERP module, specifically designed for oil companies.