imgEzBackupOnsite and offsite automated backup system for the ezIPBX solutions.
The service transfers all the recordings stored on the remote servers to ezVoice main data center, using a secure and encrypted connection (VPN). It guarantees the security and contingency of the recordings on a daily basis with it’s fully automated process, that executes a incremental backup of the recordings and notifies the system administrator through e-mail, reporting the status of the lastest backup.

The service operation is quite simple: Every day at pre determined time, the server sends the recording files through an encrypted tunnel to ezVoice main Datacenter, backing up remotely all the necessary data. All the files are replicated to the data center are encrypted using a preset encryption key of 256 bits



  • Automated backup, does not need human intervention.
  • Does not use devices such as tape, pen-drives, CDs or DVDs, that requires careful handling and may present a point of failure when restored.
  • Incrementall backup, only copies files that have been added or changed.
  • The files are stored in a encryptedway, where the client generates the password for future access.
  • The backups are kept in 2 (two) different datacenters that are geographically separated for security and contingency.
  • Send reports to one or more e-mails informing all activities summary.
  • File transfer can be scheduled for times of low usage of the Internet connection.
  • First file transfer/sync can be done using external media (External HD / DVD / CD).
  • Reports and access to the backups are performed via Web-Browser.
  • Product developed by EzVoice and therefore 100% compatible with Redbox servers.

In case of contracting ezBackup service, the servers protected by this facility should have access to the Internet to communicate with the backup servers via HTTPS on port 443.