Cruzeiro do Sul

  • Market Segment: Financial
  • Solution implemented: ezIPBX – Call-center integration with CRM, and ezBroker ezRec Hive.

ezVoice provides three different solutions for Banco Cruzeiro do Sul, one of them is ezIPBX in high availability, which controls the rows of the call center service and the trading desks, covering technical support and maintenance tasks.

The second solution implemented is ezRec, used to record remote calls of autonomous agents. It ensures that all telephone contacts with the customers are recorded; and replicated to a central server in the ezVoice datacenter, allowing monitoring and auditing in real time.

The third and final solution aims to reduce the high costs of acquiring and maintaining the phone system that supports the trading desks, the broker has chosen to implement the ezBroker in conjunction with the Polycom endpoint, providing brokers with an extremely performative and robust to manage incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring that all requirements of the PQO Program (operational qualification of the BM & F Bovespa Brokers) are met.